Injection Molding

Hyperform® HPN® 68L for homopolymer polypropylene (HPP) and injection molding

Hyperform® HPN® 68L is a polypropylene (PP) performance additive whose extremely fast crystallization speed helps injection molders to boost their productivity by accelerating cooling times and thereby reducing cycle times. It also offers proven energy savings, as certified by the independent testing agency UL, whose energy-saving label can be applied to the resulting products.

Hyperform HPN 68L helps to override the nucleation effects of pigments, allowing converters to produce a variety of colored parts with identical dimensions in the same mold. This reduces the need to make color-specific machine adjustments, thereby simplifying both processing and design since only one set of production conditions is needed for various colors. This also serves to further maximize production.

Resins containing Hyperform HPN 68L provide improved isotropy and can help to control both shrinkage and warpage, leading to better-quality parts. Homopolymer polypropylene (HPP) modified with Hyperform HPN 68L performance additive is ideally suited for use in appliance and automotive parts and in caps and closures, to name just a few potential applications.