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Evergreen®: colorants for turf maintenance

Evergreen Viva and Evergreen Jade colorants help to maintain a natural green color and enhance quality in various turf applications. Milliken offers a pigment for short-term color enhancement and a paint for longer-term dormant turf coverage. Evergreen products are environmentally conscious and will not harm turf when used as specified.

Evergreen® Viva for green turf in any season

Evergreen Viva green turf paint is designed for efficient year-round maintenance of athletic fields, golf courses, municipal/industrial lawns and residential lawns. It extends the turf season by maintaining a high-quality, natural green color when grasses are dormant or discolored. This reduces the cost of winter maintenance by avoiding over-seeding and unnecessary water consumption. Evergreen Viva resists fading caused by exposure to sunlight and eliminates competition with ryegrass so that turf recovers rapidly from dormancy. The dormancy period is also shorter due to increased heat retention which enables faster re-emergence.

Evergreen® Jade pigment for enhanced turf color

Evergreen Jade turf color enhancer is a pigmented solution that provides a natural green color on discolored or dormant turf. It is ideal for improving turf appearance before tournaments or special events, during seasonal transitions or after unexpected damage. Evergreen Jade’s specially designed formulation enhances color and quality while adding the potential for environmental and conservation advantages. By providing a visual aid, it promotes uniform application and accuracy during application of fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers, bio-stimulants and wetting agents.

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