Performance Modifiers

DeltaMax™ 5000a: performance modifier for polypropylene

DeltaMax 5000a is a performance modifier that allows resin producers to expand the performance of their impact copolymer resins and boost the productivity of their grade portfolios.

When used in combination with organic peroxides, DeltaMax 5000a helps to redistribute the rubber domains of ICPs creating a smaller, more evenly dispersed matrix. These improvements enable resin producers to more effectively balance the properties of their impact copolymer resins. With FDA approval, and other global food contact approvals pending, DeltaMax will drive innovation in a variety of food packaging, caps and closures and industrial applications.

By maximizing the impact strength and melt flow of resins without compromising stiffness performance, processors using the DeltaMax-modified resins are now able to use PP in a wider range of applications in more cost-effective ways. Running high-melt-flow resins allows converters to be more productive and to make more complex parts. DeltaMax technology reduces scrap rates and lowers energy usage in the molding process, leading to lower carbon footprint and rapid achievement of sustainability goals.

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