What is ClearTint™?

ClearTint colorants do not contain pigments or dyes, but rather contain polymeric colorants designed uniquely to add color to transparent polypropylene (PP) while bypassing many of the issues linked to traditional colorants in your conversion processes. Unlike pigments, they offer an almost unlimited color spectrum without causing haze and nucleation effects. They also eliminate the processing and extraction/migration issues associated with dyes.

Tailored technology for trouble-free processing

Unlike pigments, ClearTint colorants are non-nucleating and do not impart change to the Tc (crystallization temperature) of the polymer to which they’re added, eliminating the issue of color-to-color shrinkage variation.

There is no warpage and no effect on the physical properties of the material.

ClearTint colorants are available in a solid concentrate form and are used like any other masterbatch. They are typically formulated for let down at 2% (50:1) but can also be formulated in a more concentrated 1% (100:1) format if the processor has the feeding capability.

The concentrates are available in numerous custom shades and are compliant with requirements for use in food contact applications in the US and EU. Data and compliance letters are available for each color, based on the conditions of use.

We offer expert technical support for ClearTint users, with full color matching capabilities and standard and custom-made colorants across the full color spectrum.

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