Why is Milliguard AOX so effective?

There are three main causes of PU foam degradation

Milliguard AOX combats all three causes with a unique polymeric structure that acts early in the degradation process.

Understanding PU degradation

There are two main phases in the PU degradation mechanism.

Conventional antioxidants, such as hindered phenols, aromatic amines and phosphites, act in the second phase to prevent auto-oxidation.

The Milliguard AOX advantage

Milliguard AOX is a carbon-centered, lactone-based radical scavenger. Lactones are unique in their ability to scavenge the carbon-centered radicals to prevent the first step of the degradation cycle.

Milliguard AOX also works synergistically with conventional antioxidants to regenerate hindered phenols and prevent the creation of color bodies.

Milliguard AOX add value to your processes in three ways:

1. It is an efficient active antioxidant to prevent thermal degradation.
2. It reduces post-process discoloration of the polyurethane article by allowing you to eliminate amine-based antioxidants.
3. It reduces volatile chemical emissions due to its reactive nature and efficient performance.