Milliguard® AOX antioxidant for polyurethane foam

Milliguard AOX is a reactive polymeric carbon-centered radical scavenger that protects thermoset polymers from oxidation degradation. It is effective at low levels in polyurethane and in formulations containing natural oil polyols (NOPs) and flame retardants, where exposure to high temperatures during processing causes scorch and discoloration. The product portfolio includes tailored solutions to interact synergistically with polyol base stabilization.

Boost your profits by reducing scorch

As well as enabling higher quality foam through reduced discoloration, Milliguard® AOX supports polyurethane foam manufacturers with a number of opportunities to reduce waste and costs. It enables the use of cost-effective and non-halogenated flame retardants with reduced scorch and, as a consequence, less scorch-related scrap. It can also enhance productivity by allowing foam block sizes to be increased without scorch.

Improve aging properties by reducing discoloration

This antioxidant reacts into urethane systems resulting in significantly lower volatility and migration. Unlike traditional hindered phenols and hindered amines, Milliguard AOX does not contribute to color formation or cause yellowing when the urethane is exposed to nitrous oxide gas. Color stability is maintained throughout post-production processes such as thermoforming, and flame lamination.

This “stay-white” protection makes it the ideal antioxidant for foams used in applications where foam color is critical.