Milliguard® AOX antioxidant for polyols

Milliguard AOX is a carbon-centered radical scavenger that protects thermoset polymers from oxidation degradation. This antioxidant reacts into urethane systems, resulting in significantly lower volatility, migration, bloom and plate-out. Traditional aminic antioxidants can lead to toxicity and emissions. By replacing them with Milliguard AOX stabilization, you can avoid these issues while optimizing protection against degradation. Milliguard AOX also leads to better post-processing color stability as, unlike most hindered phenols and hindered amines, it does not cause yellowing when the urethane is exposed to nitrous oxide gas.

The best base stabilization package for your polyol

The Milliguard AOX product family includes optimized base stabilization packages for polyether and polyester polyol. In each specially-tailored package, the reactive polymeric carbon-centered antioxidant is combined with carefully selected synergistic antioxidants to allow for reduced overall loading levels and superior degradation prevention. The additive is supplied as a liquid blend for easier dosing. These superior packages enable a reduction in emissions, helping the chemical intermediates market to uphold the highest VOC and FOG standards without compromising on protection against oxidation.