PET with ClearShield™: the natural choice for food and drinks

ClearShield protects food and beverages from UV exposure by filtering out UV radiation that could damage the color, flavor, aroma and nutritional content of your products. Fully approved for food contact, it is widely used to create PET bottles and containers for energy drinks, smoothies, juices, sauces, beer, wine and milk products.

A longer life for vitamins

Most vitamins are sensitive to light, heat, and oxygen in the presence of light (photo-oxidation effect). Vitamin degradation can affect the taste and color of beverage formulations. Integrated in PET bottles and packaging, ClearShield UV absorbers protect UV-sensitive vitamins from degradation without compromising the clarity and attractiveness of the material.

* Ingredient shelf life is based on the Food and Drug Administration’s 80/120 rule, which states that products must contain at least 80% and no more than 120% of the nutritional content stated on the label.

The below table shows that Vitamin A is 30 times better protected in the bottle with ClearShield compared to standard PET.

A fresh look at milk

The riboflavin in milk is both a light absorber and a photosensitizer. UV and visible light tend to degrade the riboflavin, causing the milk to take on an oxidized flavor as well as an unpleasant odor. For this reason, dairies and brand owners have traditionally used opaque bottles to protect regular and flavored milk from UV light. PET with ClearShield offers exciting new branding opportunities by allowing milk to be packaged in clear and light-colored PET containers. As this packaging option does not require titanium dioxide to add opacity, it also helps to protect the PET recycling chain.

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