NX® UltraClear™ PP: a clear choice for the environment

Compared to other transparent plastics used in packaging, production of polypropylene (PP) is more energy-efficient and emits less CO2. PP is also lighter in weight, reducing waste, and can be recycled multiple times. NX UltraClear PP, polypropylene clarified with the innovative Millad® NX® 8000 clarifying agent, provides all the environmental benefits of polypropylene along with the heightened clarity, gloss and flexibility offered by traditional packaging materials like PET and glass.

Why weight matters

Sustainable business is all about efficient use of resources. Used in thermoformed containers like food trays, NX UltraClear PP has significantly lower density than other plastic materials, so more trays can be produced per kilo of raw material.

Lighter weight also means lower fuel consumption and emissions during shipping, making it easier for you to meet your financial and environmental targets.

Saving energy and reducing waste

The unique technology used to produce NX UltraClear PP enables much lower processing temperatures than required for previous generations of clarified PP, thus using less energy and reducing CO2 emissions in applications such as injection molding.

At the other end of their lifecycle, NX UltraClear PP pots, tubs, bottles and trays can be recycled multiple times into a wide range of PP products before incineration is necessary. And when that time comes, it is good to know that more energy can be recovered from the incineration of PP than from any comparable plastic.

Proven results over the whole lifecycle

The environmental performance of thermoformed polypropylene food containers was analysed in a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) carried out by thinkstep AG in accordance with ISO standards. The results showed that, for all the indicators considered, PP trays are a more eco-friendly choice than PET. This is because their mass is 31% lower, and because processing requirements for PP granulate are less intensive.

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